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Netherlands vs. Spain Compare teams

The World Cup finals sees two teams that have never won the World Cup, despite high expectations.  Both the teams do well in our rankings. The Netherlands is one of only two countries that meets the aid target of 0.7% of GDP and should be applauded, while Spain – aided by a new law – is the only country that achieves gender equality in government.


11 July

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Netherlands vs. Spain: The Immigrant Question

Both La Furia Roja and the Oranje will kit up for a shot at their first ever World Cup titles and it’s hard to tell who might emerge the winner. With both teams never having won the World Cup before, they will be going after the trophy with an equally bloodthirsty zeal.


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Spain v Germany: Fair Play?

The second semi-final sees Spain take on Germany in an extremely evenly matched game in terms of the rankings . Both countries disappointingly fail to meet the OECD agreed level of aid spending at 0.7% of GDP and could be stronger in carbon emmissions, but do well in terms of women in government.

Sharon Jordan

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Argentina v Germany: The Truman Show

Saturday afternoon sees one of the most eagerly awaited clashes of the tournament yet. Germany’s swashbuckling ingénues and creaky defence taking on Argentina’s endless array of superstar attacking talent… and even creakier defence, coupled with a managerial battle of the clinical, versus the clinically insane.

Carl Cullinane

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Clean the banks

Protestors in a tar sands digger

The Treasury has done nothing to stop RBS from investing in projects linked to human rights abuses and climate change. WDM is calling on the government to stop this.

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Climate debt A man and a boy sitting in a dried out riverbed

Climate change and the build-up of unjust debt are two key issues facing developing countries. WDM is campaigning to stop this unfairness and ensure a fair deal for the poor.

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A very big disclaimer

‘Who should I cheer for?’ does not in any way represent WDM’s official view on the policies pursued by the countries featured, nor should it be taken as an overall ranking of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ countries are (though the countries who give the most aid should be applauded and those who give the least condemned). It is intended to be a fun and interesting way to think about serious issues. Please take it in that spirit.

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